Green Pets Program

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Green Pets Program Mission

Utilizing Education to foster awareness, lifelong compassion and respect the environment by connecting future generations to nature at a very young age.

“Green Pets Program” provides hands-on learning experience for students to care for their plant pets throughout elementary school years which fosters the development of a lifelong emotional connection to the nature world. This learning experience is supplemented by a comprehensive curriculum that includes activities to enhance the students’ knowledge of the natural environment they live in.

Educators' Feedback

“....they want students to learn about the environment and to be aware and to really allow them to become better human beings for the earth...“

- Mrs. Kim, 4th. Grade Teacher at Walnut Elementary School

“’s going to add enriching environmental aspect to our school, as well as a curriculum. It’s going to bring the science standard, It’s going to help our students to learn how to live with the nature.”

- Principal Robert Chang, Walnut Elementary School

“...they will learn about different pollinating insects, different living things that depend on this, and the interdependent nature of this relationship between human and plant and animals and organisms. We are really excited about that.”

- Principal Bhojani, CJ Morris Elementary School

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